Hack or be hacked 2024


Hack or be hacked game 2024 powered by CPP Services:


Pre-conference WarmUp:

  • Everyone is welcome to join and try
  • You can find WarmUp challenges on this page in “Challenges section” 
  • Each challenge will require you to find some flags
  • We will publish new requests for a challenge or new challenges every couple of days, so you have to follow…
  •  When you manage to find the Flag, send it via the form for that challenge

Conference Hands-on challenge:

  • Only Conference participants can join the game
  • Details will be announced in the conference

How to register:

  • Registration form :  https://shorturl.at/ilGT6
  • You have to register with your Company email address

Registration form :  https://shorturl.at/ilGT6

Download challenges:    https://shorturl.at/rCKTZ

Unpack challenges:     (pass= esec2024)

As an analyst working for a security service provider, you have been tasked with analyzing a packet capture for a customer’s employee whose network activity has been monitored for a while -possible insider.

  1.  What is the FTP password?

            Submit your answer:  https://shorturl.at/wzAO0

       2. What is the IPv6 address of the DNS server used by                 (####::####:####:####:####)

            Submit your answer: https://shorturl.at/rKshJ

       3. What domain is the user looking up in packet 15174?

            Submit your answer: https://shorturl.at/lMd2M

       4. ….

       5. ….

Game statistics

alek2sandar / 150 points
Unborn / 50 points
Caki / 50 points
MuhamedB / 50 points
bojano / points
TheOtherRick / 0 points
krazyambassad0r / 0 points
Relja / 0 points