#ack4Life Game

#ack4Life Game

A Mirković

01 December 2018

#ack4Life game is designed for all of the eSecurity conference participants and those who are not. The main purpose of the game is to think like a hacker and have fun while waiting for the greatest information security conference eSecurity 2018.

As a player you will have to pass a few levels of this game to get into the finales. Finale level will be held on the conference in front of all of the attendees.

Think like a hacker...

Have fun, be a hacker for a while and win some nice prizes. Only the fastest and meanist hackers will be rewarded... If you are not a participant you can win a free participation to the conference. If you are a participant you can win some nice gadgets from Association eSigurnost and our conference sponsors.


Level 1

Hardcode-ing passwords is always a mistake, especialy if youdo it on a web page, even if it is not in clear text. To pass this level you will have to send your email address and "THE PASSWORD" to [email protected]


Level 2

We set up a password protection script for login to website. We made it load the real password from an unencrypted text file called password.txt and compare it to the password the user enters.
It turned out that it was not a good idea. everyone can read passwords.
Send us password for user Administrator.


Level 3

Our friend Stacy accidently erased some files from her USB. We made an image of the USB with some of our forensics tools. There was an archive on the disk that holds a very important account password. Archive is protected with the password made of our friends phone number.
If you could recover that password for us, please. Here is the image of the erased USB.

Game levels